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                  ~*~*HMD POST~*~*

I've never played an international before, so any concrit is helpful. Be brutal if you must, I'm not going to freak out because you're blunt about telling me she's being inconsistant or whatever <3

Anon is on!

Character Relations Post!

                       How does your character know Maria, How long? Have they hung out much? 

If you want to work out previous CR with Maria because you're an American Chosen/Were in America between the New York Incident and now poke here!

For those of you who are supposed to know here, here's some things you can reference:

 -She loves to sing, and will break into songs at random, she took flute in elementary school, but switched to clarinet when she began to develop asthma.
-She can speak a little spanish thanks to her family, but she took Latin in school. Completely useless woohoo.
 -She can't do much more than boil water, and make a sandwich but she's trying.(funny kitchen mishaps are good)
 - Her mother is overprotective.
 - She adores big roller coasters, the faster, the better. Maybe you've been dragged on one by her?
 - She's terrified of clowns to the point of panic attacks.
 - She always has a backpack and or purse with a drink and random sweets her grandmother sends home.
 -She loves spicy food and rice, but tends to not eat sweets (Hence the distroing them to anyone she goes around with)
 - She's diabetic, but hides the fact. Only her immediate family, her digimon,(Grandmother not included) would know about it unless you're a very close friend.
 -   She speaks very softly, so sometimes you have to prod her to speak up, but if she needs to she can bellow like nothing else.
  - She doesn't get mad easily, but her Digimon loves to get angry on her behalf. If you upset her be prepared to get a grey fuzzball or kitty to the face.


Anything sent to Maria's mailbox can go here.

She's still in highschool with an overprotective mother, so be aware that her mother opens a lot of her mail!

Cellphone Post!
(Let me know in the subject if it's a call or text!"

"Hola! This is Maria. I can't answer the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone!"

I was supposed to move into my dorm on the 26th, but they delayed  things due to Hurricane Irene. The news was pretty scary around then, they were comparing it to Katrina, but thankfully it wasn't that bad.

It was bad though. My parents and I went to stay with Mama's friend a few towns away, because we live in a low area that was evacuated because they were worried about flooding. They were right. When we tried to go home on monday, there was two or three feet of water in the streets, and our basement was still underwater.  We had to stay in a motel for a few days until we were let back into our house.

I heard many people had to stay in local schools that were turned into homeless shelters. The water receeded, but there was so many local damage reports  that Papa wants to have someone look at the house before we move back in. We'd moved most of our things to the second floor so most of our things were fine, thankfully. 

I moved into my college campus a week later, and Papa says they moved back into the house after the inspectors looked at it last week. It's a relief not to have to worry about where they are anymore.


The end of Senior year was... I still can't believe High School is over!
A year filled with song, college visits and classes, along with everything else that happened.  I can't believe how long it has been since I posted last. I guess I'd have to go back to April to really explain things.

The day of the quake I got an acceptance letter to  Columbia University      I was so excited!... and then I heard the news and it didn't seem as important anymore. I was busy concentrating on the benefit concert, and raising money, while finishing my school work.  It didn't hit me until mid-May that this would be my last year in school with the people I know. Although I don't have many friends, familiar faces are always comfortable.

High School feels like it will go on forever, but once it gets close to done, you realize that there are so many things that you didn't do, that you always though; Next year I'll try for a sports team, Next year I'll do...everything. The college visits last spring, my SAT's, the letters, they weren't real to me until then. I feel a little silly, I mean I knew it was my senior year, but...

I'm sorry, needless to say it became a rush of goodbyes. I was surprised I was invited to some of the parties, but I thought it would be nice to go anyway, since that was another thing I had never managed to do. It was strange, crowded, but I felt nostalgia all the same.

I was so busy I almost forgot about my 18th birthday, but my family didn't, and I came home to a big party. I haven't been that uncomfortable since my Quincenera. Apparently being semi-legal means that they don't try to censor my uncles off-color jokes around me anymore. As happy a birthday as it was, I was glad once everyone left, it was quiet and I could sit with Leormon.

Then Senior Service came along, and I was helping the music teacher file sheet music, I was even asked to help with the Freshman chorus voice lessons!

Finally, Graduation day came around. on June 16th,  I got to sing a solo with the Madrigals, and that was the highlight of the day, other than the senior prank. Among the usual beach balls passed among my class on the bleachers, there appeared... well... a..um... inflatable.

 I can't type it. I don't know how they snuck it in-or blew it up without getting caught! At least they put a bikini on it. .////.    I ducked every time it came near my section.

After graduation, my friends and family shoved me in a car, and as a present, we went on a road trip. We drove down to Disney, and stayed in Florida for a week, visiting our old town, and of course Abuela-who is doing much better, then hit various music halls all the way back home. We never made it to California, like my brother was joking, but we didn't come home until yesterday, and I immediately fell asleep. I'm still tired, but it was the best gift ever.  I have to get ready for college soon, but I'll wait until August for that.

I hope everyone else is doing well.
I can't believe some people.. I'm sick of everyone cheering because that...man is dead. People are getting out of hand. I've seen people post "Revenge at Last" magazine covers on 9/11 memorials! I'm not usually an angry person, but this is really upsetting me. The coverage is bringing back bad memories for everyone, and it's really for no good reason. If people find closure from this, then it's ok, but this bloodthirsy revenge talk really turns my stomach. It's good to remember, but...what's wrong with everyone?

The President and VP of our country went to honor the people who fell at the Pentagon, and the World Trade site, but if he visited the final resting place of Flight 93 then there was no coverage of it. My friend, Veronica  is angry and crying because of it-she lost her older cousin.  The people on that flight were as brave as anyone who died that day.

I really don't know what to do right now. I think I'll go to the basement and sing until I feel better.
I know the rest of you over in Japan are celebrating Hanami, but I was wondering if anyone near me was going to Sakura Matsuri in New York City this weekend. I've been there previous years, and I'm going this year with some friends from school.  I know there aren't many of us, but I think it might be fun.

Apr. 12th, 2011

My school is holding a benefit concert, all of the proceeds are going to the Red Cross for Japan.
I don't know how much it will help, but it's all I feel I can do right now. 

I heard about the radiation and aftershocks on the news. It's kind of scary. I sometimes wish I could invite all of you to come over here until this is all over, and then I feel selfish because there are so many other people that would still be there.

After the main part of the concert is done, the teacher is letting the soloists do a song on their own, the ones in the Anime Club are all doing anime openings, I kind of want to do something similar. Do any of you have a favorite J-pop or J-rock song? Maybe it'll help me choose.

Backdated to friday, USA time 3:30pm

(I'm sorry, I keep forgetting about Maria D: There's noone for her to interact with in person anymore so it's a tad bit tough. I'll try harder though!)

I'm hoping that all of you are OK. I found out about the quake in the first hour of school, and it's all I could think about all day. I wish I had a phone with internet so I could have posted this sooner.
My Madrigals group is co-running a clothing and supplies drive already with the schools Anime club, and I've heard this is happening all across the country. It's the only think I can do to help right now....